wimbly 2009

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wimbly 2009

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:32 pm


F Schiavone vs A Wozniak

F Schiavone won 4/6 6/4 6/4 Very Happy


F Schiavone vs M Larcher De Brito

F Schiavone won 7/6 (2) 7/6 (4) Very Happy


F Schiavone vs M Bartoli

F Schiavone won 7/6 (5) 6/0 Laughing

F Schiavone vs V Razzano

F Schiavone won 6/2 7/6 (1) Laughing

F Schiavone vs E Dementieva

E Dementieva won 6/2 6/2


F Schiavone / A Pavlyuchenkova vs A Cornet / P Parmentier

F Schiavone / A Pavlyuchenkova won 6/2 7/6 (4) Very Happy


F Schiavone / A Pavlyuchenkova vs Llagostera Vives / Martinez Sanchez

Llagostera Vives / Martinez Sanchez 7/5 6/3

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Re: wimbly 2009

Post  mimus on Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:26 am

Here's what I just posted to the Usenet rec.sport.tennis (my usual hang-out) about Schiavone-Wozniak:

> But the best news is that Schiavone actually wins a Slam match, and
> against a quality opponent at that, taking out Wozniak 4-6 6-4 6-4.
> Go Francesca!
> I figured that would be a good one, full of alarums and excursions, and
> the patented eye-watering Schiavone Miracle Shots.
> But she's probably so blown she'll go right down in the next round.
> Although that match-- against de Brito-- should be another spectacular.
> Bring eye-drops and ear-plugs!

Wozniak sez she was just tired after nine straight weeks of play and
Schiavone was "physically fresher", adding "She was all over the court.
She gave it everything.", although that's not evidence of being
"physically fresher", that's just Francesca's style, unless she's pinned
to the back wall by her opponent's power.

Two hours and fifteen minutes, with "many intense rallies":

"The Blainville, Que. native was in control of the first, playing
aggressively and hitting perfect approach shots that allowed her to set up
shop at the net and constantly changing the speeds of her shots.

"But Schiavone managed to get to many shots that seemed out of reach.

"Following her first-set lost to Wozniak, she was furious, and came back
strong, setting the tone in the second set.

"Wozniak couldn't keep it up in the second set and stopped rushing the
net. Schiavone, now ranked 43 in the world, took advantage and started
hitting heavy shot after heavy shot down the line, often screaming loudly
as she did it.

"In the next game, Wozniak was up 40-0 before Schiavone came from behind
to tie the set at two.

"For the rest of the match, it was long rally after long rally (28 strokes
was the longest of the match), which kept the crowd on the edge of their
seats. Match point and, with the fans cheering for Schiavone, Wozniak
served for the last time.

"Schiavone returned a winner. The crowd went wild and Schiavone jumped in
celebration while an incredulous Wozniak stared at the ball rolling along
the court before shaking her opponent's hand."

Sounds like a typical Schiavone win, doesn't it? she's a delight when
she's on a roll, and the crowd loves it, and her . . . .




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Re: wimbly 2009

Post  mimus on Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:10 pm

Francesca's double-tie-break win over de Brito was not only an eye-opener about her physical condition but may've broken a new Wimbledon decibel-record on de Brito's part . . . .

Bartoli, if she's "on", is dangerous, a living breathing "ball-gun".

But if Francesca takes Marian out, Francesca will have equalled her best performance ever at Wimbledon (she usually under-performs at Slams, I'm not sure why).



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Re: wimbly 2009

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